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Betrayal by Treaty (Qui Treaty Collection, #6) by Kayla Stonor

Betrayal By Treaty (Qui Treaty Collection, #6)Betrayal By Treaty by Kayla Stonor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

Wowza!! The only thing I can say after reading Betrayal by Treaty is Trey Jaden is now a freakin' GOD!! Lol. Maybe not in the sense of having all divine powers but if one were to look just at the outside of things, it would look like Jaden is a GOD. Oh, how I loved this sequel to Under by Treaty!! The Qui Empress must choose between love or duty and the path is not always clear-cut. With war on the brink, a traitor in the midst, and a new alliance being formed to stop war, can Sonil protect Jaden as promised? I can't tell you the answers to that but I will say that Jaden goes above and beyond for Sonil, The Qui Empire, and his home planet, Earth. I, myself, found it enduring and selfless of him. Sonil made sacrifices, too. And it was BIG!! My point, these two belong together. The addition of the new characters played very well into the bigger picture, *ahem* Calad'n. :) Calad'n, too, is just as possessive of Sonil as Jaden is. Of course there's going to be some clashing with those two Alphas. Read to see what I mean. But there at the end...Oh my!! Yassss!! I'm finding myself somewhat jealous, lol. Two alphas fighting for your heart, willing to do anything for you, even die. And it doesn't hurt, only adds, that they're well endowed. The #Swoon factor comes highly into play. That crazy, everything hanging in limbo-ending...Grrr. I couldn't read fast enough. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that there'll be more stories after this one. I really, really hope so. After getting invested, I just need more!! The author has created a series and characters that you come to love and enjoy their company. There are dark moments and they can be scary too but overall, you see the light in each of these characters and you feel with them, you love with them, you hate with them, you want bloody revenge with them. It's not just them on a journey, it's you, the reader. And the author has done a mighty fine job of that. I honestly don't want it to end. This sequel will leave your panties wet and break your heart, at the same time, too!! Things may seem bleek but don't worry, you're heart will be mended and your panties still wet!! :)

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