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#AuthorInterview & #Giveaway

Q & A
With A. R. Von
Today, I'm hittin’ ya with a random Author Interview. The lovely, and talented A.R. Von has gracefully answered a handful of burning questions from me. She is the Author of my genres and one of my favorite books of hers is Lady's Destiny. It's a #HighFantasy #Romance this #Erotic with #Magic & #Shifters!! It’s definitely unique and well worth the read. Check out my review: 

Lady's DestinyLady's Destiny by A.R. Von

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A complimentary copy was given to me by the author in exchange for this reader's honest review.

I'd like to start off with letting y'all know that this book was the first Fantasy/Paranormal read I have ever read from the author. The previous books I've read from A.R. Von have been contemporary romance. And while I'm ok with those types of books, I love my paranormal/fantasy books to the extreme. Yes, you can say it's my favorite genre. So, while delving into this story I was so giddy with joy & relief. Joy of finding a great story. Relief because it was totally different from my usual paranormal reads. No vampires or werewolves here. Nope. It's about a freakin' Unicorn!! Say what?? Yep, a Unicorn. From the instant I started reading I was on a journey to find one's destiny. A destiny not easily obtained. Only through love & magic can the world be set into balance. It was a classic tale of Good vs Evil. I really enjoyed the details, to the world building, character development, & the story had depth. From beginning to end I was engulfed by this tale of magic. Never a dull moment, especially since we get two alternating point of views from our two main characters. The erotic scenes definitely panty-wetting worthy. I hope the author does more work from this genre because she knocked it out the park with this story.

So, after that review I had questions, and I was fortunate enough to have my answers revealed to me. He hehe Check it out, there's also a #Giveaway at the end for an ebook of Lady's Destiny!!

Q: What are you currently reading?
A: I'm reading about twelve or so. For those who are curious, yes, I do read more indie authors than big pubbed. Why? Well, because I love to find new authors to love and have found that more and more in the indie world ;)
Q: Since I am such a huge fan of Lady’s Destiny...where did you get the idea to write a ‘freakin’ unicorn’ as I stated in my review? (Hehehe, I loved that idea!! I mean, as a little girl, I used to have my bedroom decked out in Unicorns!!)
A: Awesome, I’m so thrilled you love it! It all started with the fact that my sister was a MAJOR unicorn lover, while I was the MAJOR dragon lover.
Mystical creatures of all types have held a piece of my heart for as long as I can remember. Dragons, unicorns, pixies, elves and many more have always invaded my dreams. They still do this day. I’d miss them if they ever decided to leave me…
As for the reasons behind Lady’s Destiny…In 1982 I was *ah hem* years old (insert goofy smile here) and always watched the movie The Last Unicorn with my sister whenever it was on the television or our mother allowed us to rent it. That particular movie (even though I’ve not watched it in years and is a children’s cartoon) always stuck in my mind. I’m talking popping in at least once a month and bringing a scene that I always enjoyed to my mind which causes me to smile.

With that all said. Lady’s Destiny is a story that started as a weekly flash fiction I was a part of at the time. It was actually the very first flash fiction I wrote with this amazing group of briefers (visit: if you’d like to see more about the Wednesday Briefers). Every week we were given prompts to motivate us, spark an idea. We each used one, two or more of the prompts to create a story to post on our blogs for our followers to read and enjoy. The very first flash, the entire story of Iria and Dezso, was inspired by a combination of my memory of The Last Unicorn, various prompts presented to me during my time with the Briefer’s and my (slightly wicked) imagination. I decided to dedicate it to my sister’s deep adoration of unicorn’s right from the start ( a fact that caused my sis to tear up and beam at the same time <3 ). It was a fun and beautiful story to write. I hope more readers will fall in love with the characters and the world I created just as you, the lovely Ariel, and I did!
(Lady’s Destiny is written for readers 18+ due to sexual content.)
Q: Here’s an odd one, characters in books, all books, most of the books WE read anyway, they find themselves in situations they aren’t sure they can’t get themselves out of. When was the last time you were in a situation that was hard to get out of & what did you do?
A: Oh I’ve had plenty of those. As far as the last one I recall, it’s a bit funny—yet not. I was about eighteen years old and dating this guy named (go on and laugh), Joker. His real name was Hector (at least I think it was). Any way… We were seeing one another for about two weeks, you know, the “getting to know one another phase” and I found myself not interested at all. We had nothing in common and I was never comfortable around him, ever. Long-ish story short, the dude turned out to be a lame ass stalker who wouldn’t take a hint. Even when told bluntly (yet nicely) to his face I was not interested (and no, we didn’t have sex. I was actually a virgin at the time. Shh!) Lol.
He would follow me around daily and I had no idea what to do about it. He wasn’t a threat, just an annoyance. One of my male friends at the time saw how distressed I was and offered up his help (bless him!) One afternoon as I was walking passed his home; He pulled me in the front door, stating to me that he was watching from the window and figured he’d seize the moment and help me out of my situation. He held me beside him for a moment while watching out the front door window. Then, without warning he started to kiss me. Causing me to gasp for breath and grab onto him. After a few moments he released me and stepped back. Moving to open the door while pulling me with him. “Look”, he said while pointing up the street. I looked and saw none other than “Joker” himself walking away. While my friends method was shocking and a bit extreme. It worked! I honestly didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings as I did. But what’s done is done. He went on and so did I. That’s the first situation that popped into my head when I read this question :)
Q: Which of your characters is most like you?
A: Honestly, I put a little bit of me into each female character. But, since I know you really want an answer, I’ll go with Wunder. She was my very first heroine; my first favorite and she’s totally kick ass. That’s not why I say she’s like me though, well not all of it anyway (wink). She has a strong mind, a positive outlook on life even in the very worst of situations. She’s a quick thinker, never quits and is as loyal as loyal can be. Those are just a few aspects of Wunder that I’ll give you, for now.

Q: And to round this off...Tea or Coffee?
A: Both.
Well, there you have it folks!! If you liked what you read, be sure to enter the #Giveaway below for your chance to snag an ecopy of A.R.’s Lady’s Destiny!! Good luck & Happy Reading!!

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