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#NewRelease: Ravishing Elizabeth by J.J. Marstead


Seventeen years of being a half-bred wolf shifter, I didn't know how I would be
able to adjust to my new life of being part of a pack. I have to admit I had my
doubts and fears, but my wolf feels at ease, at home in the forest. Having the
feel of soil under her pads makes her feel free. Plus, everyone is so nice.
Yes, I feel right at home here, we both do. 

A new pack isn't the only thing my wolf and I have to adjust to. Fate blessed
me with not one mate but with two that are destined to be mine. Can I live up
to their expectations and be everything they need?


I never thought I would ever be in the
presence of something so incredible or could feel the way I do. To have
feelings for a wolf, to want to make her my soul-mate is against my better
judgement and I know that. She's not only amazing in wolf form, but her human
form is stunning as well. I want to believe she could love a monster like me, I
have to believe it. But we are from two different worlds. Can I help her get
past that and make her mine?


I finally found my mate and she is more
gorgeous than anything I could have dream of. I try to reign over my wolf
knowing he'll want to claim her as soon as he sees her, but he's on edge
knowing she will also belong to another. My wolf and I are both trying to act
complacent with the idea of having an outsider harbouring her heart, but I
don't want to hurt her no matter how much I want to rip him apart. In order to
make our mate happy there will be some much needed adjustments to be made. Will
she be happy and accept her rightful place as our mate?

I flick the light on and get dressed, I
head downstairs to get a drink, just as I grab a bottle of water from the
fridge, there’s a knock at the front door. Who can that be? I place the water
bottle on the counter; I make my way towards the front door to see who it can
be.  I twist the handle and open the
door; his scent hits me before anything else, Samuel. 

My eyes widen as I take in his appearance,
he’s breathtaking, with his dark hair and dark eyes luring me in as I stare
openly at him, shaking myself out of the pull towards him. 

“What are you doing here?” I ask, poking my
head outside to see if anyone can see that he’s here.
“Did anyone see you coming here?” I hope no
one saw because it’ll only be a matter of time before the alpha and the pack
get here if they know.

“I told you, I would come to you, and don’t
worry no one has seen me, my little gem,” he says.
“I’ve been waiting for you for centuries my
little wolf. There’s nothing in this world that will stop me from being with

Just hearing him say that, makes my wolf yip happily inside. I move out
of the doorway making room for him to enter, he stops and gives me a crooked
grin as he holds onto the door frame. I look at him puzzled and he chuckles. 

“You need to invite me in.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting that, guess
something’s are true about vampires. 

“Come in, Samuel,” my voice is husky. I
stare at him crossing the threshold. As soon as his feet step inside the house,
he’s in front of me, gazing down at me like I’m his last cool drink of water, well
in this case blood. He moves so fast I didn’t even get a chance to react. 

He places his hand under my chin, slowly
lifting my head up. He leans down and kisses me softly at first but then he
applies more pressure. I moan into the kiss, his tongue probing into my mouth,
my tongue tangling with his. I run my tongue down his fang, and he groans
out   shifting himself against me. I feel
his erection through his pants, gasping as he grinds himself into me, he runs
and slams the front door shut, and then comes back to me lifting me up off of
my feet, my legs wrap around his hips, and he races up the stairs quickly.

J.J. Marstead lives in a quiet little town in Quebec, Canada. 
She is originally from a small Island in Canada called ‘Prince Edward Island’.
J.J. Marstead is the pen name; she wanted to have a pen name because it seemed pretty awesome.

Her real name is Jessica Martell, and no she is not ashamed of writing.
She loves to read and now she has taking up writing as a new adventure. 
She’s a stay at home mom, so she has plenty of time to think of naughty things to write.
Married to the love of her life of nine years, they have a lovely daughter who is seven years old, and they have two dogs, full house.

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