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#NewRelease: All Jazzed Up by Tracy Ellen





All Jazzed Up is Book One in a brand new series by Tracy Ellen-- Love, Lies, & Ninja Missions. 

A stand-alone novel, this is Jazy Axelrod’s provocatively sexy, uproariously funny, and endearingly hot love story!

Jazy is freaking out. But waking up one day to the realization she’s fallen in love for the first time in her life with a man-whore, who also happens to be her best guy friend, would be enough to freak any girl out. Even worse, Jazy has to face the difficult fact her love is totally one-sided because the wealthy, incredibly scrumptious Max Byrd is just not into her that way. To Max, she’s his best, and only, platonic girl friend.

But Max has problems, too. He suspects another woman is trying to trap him into marriage for his money by claiming she’s having his baby. Max begs Jazy to help him out by quickly marrying him first. After entering a secret marriage of convenience with Max, the outspoken, straight-shooting Jazy is caught up in a whirlwind of lies posing as Max's loving wife, while inside she’s dying from the frustrated, sizzling desire for her pretend husband, denied by their no sex agreement.

About to go insane, Jazy takes control. After all, she is a horse-whispering, Celtic Cursing, potion-mixing, sex-loving Axelrod woman! There’s nothing an Axelrod woman can't accomplish if she sets her mind to the task, and Jazy wants Max. Armed with determination and her unique talents, can Jazy seduce the cynical playboy in just a few short weeks to believe in her and happily-ever-after? Or does Jazy learn real love needs no convincing?


A Pretend


Gaze intent on my face, Max

quirked a brow in weary amusement. “Look, I know what I’m asking you to do is

underhanded and somewhat nuts, but doesn’t my continued mental health count for


I laughed shortly, shaking

my head. “So, let me be sure I’ve got this right. Instead of you being

shanghaied by your mother into a marriage you don’t want, you want to shanghai

me into marriage I don’t want to protect you?”

“Yes,” Max replied

succinctly, not even having the grace to look a little bit embarrassed

“My God, such a deal.” I

rolled my eyes and tugged to release my hand from his warm grasp.

“Thanks a

helluva lot for putting me on the spot. As a wedding gift, can I expect to be

bitch-slapped by your mother, too?”

“Ah, Jaz, you can take

Angela.” Max flashed his killer grin. “Besides, your sentence will only be for

a few months, not for life.” His voice lowered huskily. “I’d never ask

something like this of you if it wasn’t vitally important. Will you help me?”

He squeezed my hand and entreated, “Please?”

I’d known the moment it was

uttered Max’s proposal was fake, but the last little flame of hope fluttering

inside me had died at his explanation. Ruthlessly, I stomped out any lingering

sparks that

Max and I would ever go out on a real date.

Max hadn’t coerced me into

falling in love or broken any promises. My hurt feelings were the direct result

of taking a known womanizer seriously, something I knew all to well a woman

with a speck of self-preservation should never do.

I accept Max is sometimes a

dickhead. But he’s also my dickhead friend‑‑nothing more, nothing less.

Still, pretending to be

married for real to Max in the name of friendship for a few months, when I’d

just vowed to get over him, would be a special kind of torture.

Am I that big of a


Or could accepting Max’s

fake marriage proposal in the name of friendship be my chance to prove, once

and for all, that I am willing to forgive, forget, and finally get the fuck

over his ass?

Tracy Ellen was born in Indiana

to middle-class parents, the third out of five hellions. She’s lived in the

Midwest her whole life--in a small town, on a farm, and in the big city.

Currently, she resides in the suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota with her incredibly

tolerant, awesome husband and family.
Always an avid reader of all genres, her writing

career began in 2012 with the debut of A Date with Fate, a blend of

contemporary-romance/ romantic suspense / and romantic comedy. Tracy’s goal as

a writer will always be to create worlds readers can’t wait to dive into for a

few hours of fun and excitement. She thrives on trying to come up with the

witty banter, steamy love scenes, pulse-throbbing action, and belly-laughing

humor her reader fans have come to love and expect in her novels. Please let

Tracy know how she’s doing!

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